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6 CD Set

Weight Loss Hypnosis
Weight Loss

Stop Smoking Hypnosis
Stop Smoking

Stress Relief Hypnosis
Stress Relief

Unstoppable Self Confidence Hypnosis
Unstoppable Self Confidence

Improved Study Habits Hypnosis
Improved Study Habits

Power Focus For Concentration Hypnosis
Power Focus For Concentration

You, as an adult, can recall those days as a child, playing outside with your friends all day, never knowing that stress would be a part of your life someday. So, now imagine or picture a state of mind where the layers of stress that you experience as an adult are pulled away from your mind and body. You feel your body becoming lighter and lighter. Floating. Nothing can hold you down. Ahhh! It feels so good. You feel like a new person now. So come on, you deserve some relief!

DESCRIPTION: This CD is designed to reactivate a time from the past when stress was not a part of your life. You will use visualization techniques to release stress and allow stress to float away. You will feel a new sense of relaxation throughout your mind and body.

HYPNOSIS INDUCTION: Ericksonian/Elman Style Rapid Induction.

TECHNIQUES USED: Direct Suggestion, Indirect Suggestion, Anchoring, Visualization, Convincers.

Track One-Introduction: 19:02
Track Two-Hypnosis: 26:32

PRICE: USD$12.95

For BEST results, simply listen to this CD once a day, continuously for 30 days, in a quiet environment. This will program your mind with positive affirmations that can unblock those mental obstacles.

DO NOT listen to any of the CDs while driving a vehicle or operating any mechanical devices that requires your attention!


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