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Unstoppable Self Confidence!Hi, Its me ***** again. I just wanted to tell you how the hypnosis c.d.'s are working. We received them last Thursday. ******* has already shown significant progress. She loves her c.d.. She listens to it every night, and is so happy. I too am exhibiting an improvement with my own self confidence c.d.. I notice a feeling of well being over all. Thank you so much for your help. Your CDs are making a big difference in our lives. Sincerely. T.P. Upland, CA.

Weight Loss!I can tell you that I have worked in private hypnosis sessions with two (expensive) hypnotherapists and truthfully I find your tapes are just as effective. And I have found your recordings superior to others I have purchased -- others may give a relaxation effect or promote positive thinking, but HypnosisCD.com recordings induce a true hypnotic state. I've struggled for years with food issues, and your weight loss recording truly helped me find a new direction. After finding success myself with one of your recordings, I purchased one for my husband -- and I've seen him use it quite a bit! Now, I have a few of your recordings, and I use them whenever I need to refocus or uplift my mind. Thank you for making hypnosis affordable, accessible and life-enhancing. M.I. New York, NY.

I just recently ordered your CDs.....I received them on my birthday!...(Tuesday) ....I have listened to the CD.....it is WONDERFUL!....It is very emotional to listen to it, but I feel very empowered afterwards....and I do use the "fist clinching" during the day if I feel some weakness ..... and I actually have a powerful feeling in my body and heart when I do that.....it is truly AMAZING....(and it is only Thursday!!)....So I just wanted to thank you for your CD's which I believe (no, I KNOW) have put me on a path to a better and happier lifestyle....I am anxious to order more CDs from you....Thanks again!! L.M. Vista, CA

Unstoppable Self Confidence!I just received your CD on Monday and have listened three times so far. I have been very happy with the results, and as you say on the CD, noticed a difference immediately after listening to the CD. M.G. Seattle, WA.

Stop Smoking NOW!I started listening to my CD 3 days ago and I already feel like a new person. I feel calmer and more peaceful then I ever have in my entire life. This change has happened on the inside. I can feel it and feel the difference. I can't wait to see how much better I'm going to feel in 30 days if all this has happened in only 3. I have used hypnosis before for this problem both in tapes and therapy but nothing absolutely nothing has worked like your CD. A customer came into my office yesterday and commented on how happy I looked. What a wonderful validation that others can see the change. I have a very stressful job and I am amazed at how calm I am now when dealing with my customers where before I was like a raging lunatic, thinking why did you call and how fast can I get you off the phone because I don't want to deal with you. Thank you so much for having the knowledge, making these wonderful CDs, and making them available at an affordable price. It was only by the Grace of God that I found your web site. You are a God send to me. I am going to recommend this site and this specific CD to all my friends. Thank you, N.H. Nashville, TN.

I received your CDs the other week and they are fabulous. I don’t know what other word to use to describe them. I am focusing on “Unstoppable Self Confidence” at the moment and have found a renewed energy and concentration for achieving the things that I really want to attain. It’s been great and I have told many of my friends about your services. Mei-Ling Sydney Australia

These CDs are SO! powerful. M.A. United Kingdom

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