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About Hypnosis:
  • Our Hypnosis CDs will change your life!How does hypnosis work? What hypnosis does is this. It relaxes the conscious mind and opens the subconscious mind to the point that suggestions can be accepted. Once the suggestion is accepted and agreed on by the person hypnotized the suggestion then becomes a stable, strong pillar in that persons belief system.

  • What can hypnosis be used for? The real question is what can't hypnosis be used for. We've seen hypnosis used for many, many issues. Basically, it can be used for anything a person can imagine. Losing weight and quitting bad habits is most commonly known. There is confidence, insomnia, stress, and sports improvement to name a few. There are also hypnotherapists doing some fabulous things with early stage cancer these days too.

  • FragranceX.com - Up to 80% off perfume and cologne Who can be hypnotized? Absolutely everyone! There is not a person in this world that can not be hypnotized. You will find some other hypnotherapists that will say otherwise. But more then likely, they were taught some old techniques like the progressive relaxation induction. The sad thing is, this is the most commonly used induction. The progressive relaxation induction is a long, drawn out process of relaxing the entire body, part by part. This usually takes about 30-45 minutes and only is known to work on about 70% of the people it's used on. With our CDs, you will get the new techniques that are taught today. We use what is called rapid inductions. With this process you will be deeply hypnotized within 4 minutes, while also enjoying complete body and mind relaxation. These rapid inductions work every time. So, yes, everyone can be hypnotized.

  • Mate1 Inc. How long do the results of the session last? When you go into a hypnosis session and get the results you want, those results are with you for life. For BEST results, simply listen to the CD once a day, continuously for 30 days, in a quiet environment. This will program your mind with positive affirmations that can unblock those mental obstacles.

  • How long has hypnosis been around? It is believed by many that hypnosis has been around since the time of the Egyptian pyramids. Some believe that it was the practice of hypnosis that made the Egyptians so advanced for their time. Others believe that it dates back even further in time. There really is no way to know when it was first used.

  • Do you think hypnosis is here to stay or just a fad? If you have noticed lately, the word hypnosis is surfacing all over the place. For the first time ever, people are being educated about this subject and the fears of hypnosis are being cleared. I truly believe it is here to stay and that one day it will become such common practice as brushing your teeth. It's inevitable with its natural simplicity and effective results. How else could you get the rapid progress you get with hypnosis?

  • Does the practice of hypnosis conflict with religion? No, not at all. Hypnosis is a natural state that everyone possesses within themselves. If anything this can be used to become better people to one another. If you were to eliminate all the negativity inside you right now, wouldn't you feel more at peace with the world? We believe that this is a gift that was given to us to improve the way we live.

  • Can a person in hypnosis be controlled? No way! It only appears that way in stage hypnosis, where the hypnotist asks for volunteers or picks people out of the crowd that most likely would have been the class clowns in high school. Professional hypnosis is quite different. A hypnotherapist is there to help you with your issues and needs your cooperation with the process. If the hypno-therapist were to give you suggestions that you didn't agree with or were morally against your beliefs, you would either refuse them or you would stand right up and walk out of that session. you must also understand that when hypnotized, you do not black out. You actually hear and see everything very clearly.

  • Can a person be stuck in hypnosis? Never! If you are thinking, what if I was to be hypnotized and something were to happen to the hypnotist and I were left alone, still hypnotized? What would happen? Simple. You would just snap right out of hypnosis whenever you were ready. When you are in a state of hypnosis, anything alarming or of importance would pop you right out of this state. There is absolutely no danger to you in a state of hypnosis.

About Shipping and Handling:
  • Can I pay with a major credit card directly?
    No, for security reasons, we do not accept major credit cards directly. We only accept payments (by major credit cards or checking account) through an on-line payment service called PayPal. Using PayPal is safe, reliable and your credit card or bank account information will not be given out to the merchant.

    We are PayPal Verified!We are 100% PayPal Verified! This means that we maintain a confirmed bank account on the PayPal site, or have been otherwise Verified by PayPal. This verification process is a secure and easy way for PayPal to gain additional proof of our identity in conjunction with PayPal’s own authentication methods, and increases the security of the PayPal payment network for everyone.

  • Are Money Orders accepted?
    Yes, we accept INTERNATIONAL Money Orders in US Funds from USA Customer and International Customers. Canadian Customers may send any Money Orders in Canadian Funds.

    For instructions on how to make your purchase with a Money Order, Click HERE!

  • How much is the Shipping and Handling?
    We charge a low, flat rate of US$11.85 per order to anywhere in the world. No matter how many items you order, the S/H will only be US$11.85. Canadian Orders are subject to GST.

  • How do you ship your orders?
    All orders are shipped in a 'plain package' from Canada. All international orders will have a Postal Customs Form on the package, indicating the content as "Audio CD - made in Canada".

    All CANADIAN orders are shipped by INSURED Canada Post Expedited Parcel with a confirmation number – delivery in 2 – 6 business days in most of Canada.

    All USA orders are shipped by INSURED Canada Post/USPS Expedited Parcel with a confirmation number – delivery in 1 – 2 weeks in most of USA. Some locations may take as long as 4 weeks for delivery. Your parcel is not considered as 'lost in transit' until AFTER 30 days (4 weeks).

    All other INTERNATIONAL orders are shipped by INSURED AIR MAIL Parcel – delivery may take 4 – 6 weeks as your parcel must be inspected by your Customs Office. All international customers may be subject to Customs/Duty Fees at your expense. We are NOT responsible for orders detained or destroyed by Customs Officials in your country - order at your own risk.

    Once your order has been shipped, we have no control over the postal system of your country and we are not responsible for any errors or delays caused by the postal system or the customs office of your country.

  • When are orders shipped?
    Orders are shipped the next Business Day (Monday – Friday), except major holidays. You will receive a confirmation email from us after you have made your purchase.

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